Affirming Statement


  • As Christians we believe that Jesus summoned all people into loving, accepting community as children of God.
  • We believe that all are called by God to use their skills and talents and to share the love, laughter and challenges of those who walk the path of Christ in the world.
  • Knox United Church fully supports the United Church of Canada in its ongoing efforts to include those marginalized in our society and world.
  • We admire the efforts of those who led the way in establishing an ever more inclusive church.
  • We salute the progress made in recognizing the rights of women and in correcting wrongs of exclusion and inequality.
  • We celebrate the full participation and inclusion of people of all sexual orientations in our community and lament the hurt and injustice done to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered and two-spirited (Aboriginal) Christians by parts of the Christian Church in the past and still today.
  • As an inclusive church, respectful of our differences and loving in our solidarity, Knox United Church publicly affirms the following fundamental principles that have guided our actions in the past and will continue to guide them in the future:
    • All are welcome in our faith community, regardless of age, colour, ethnic, religious or linguistic background, gender, gender identity, social or economic circumstances, sexual orientation and physical or mental capabilities.
    • All members and adherents of Knox are welcome to serve in any appropriate position within the Church, in accordance with their desires and abilities.
    • All services offered by the Church, including baptism, marriage, communion and pastoral care, are available to all members and adherents of Knox.
  • Recognizing that the advocacy of the rights of all people to equal treatment and respect is an inherent part of our responsibility as Christians, we commit to work for the full inclusion and affirmation of all in the life and work of Knox United Church, the United Church of Canada and our local, national and worldwide communities.