Making connections
for the common good


Welcome to Knox United Church in Calgary

An affirming community of faith within the United Church of Canada

Knox United Church is dedicated to making connections for the common good in downtown Calgary. We believe God is connecting people to God, connecting people to each other, connecting people to their own true selves, and connecting people to creation. When people get connected, they thrive.

Working and worshipping together, we can build an abundant community for everyone to enjoy.

Service Times


Sunday Services
10:30 am & 7:00 pm

Wednesday Communion & Coffee
12:00 pm

Knox United Church Address


506 - 4th St. SW
Calgary, Alberta


There's a place for you here.



About us

We are a worshipping community . . .  each Sunday we gather for services at 10:30 am and 12:00 pm, in the magnificent Knox sanctuary located in the heart of downtown Calgary. Our ministers, readers, hospitality team, healing team, Studio team (for children), resident musicians, guest musicians, and choirs, all strive to create an  inspirational experience for the worshipper. 

We are a proud supporter of social justice initiatives . . . Knox is one of the founders of the Inn From the Cold program and the Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS). We were the first Affirming church for the LGTBQ++ communities in Calgary, and are supporters of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good . . . explore Knox to find out what other initiatives we stand by.

There are many ways to get involved in the Knox community.

Join us for Worship!

We gather for worship each Sunday at 10:30 am and 12:00 pm in the magnificent Knox sanctuary located in the heart of downtown Calgary. There we greet one another and listen to the interesting new things that have happened in peoples lives. Some of us continue conversations about what we can do to help the people of our city. All of us hope that Knox is seen as a welcoming, inclusive place for people to go. The sermons are always thought provoking and timely. The goal of our service is to gather as a community, to spend time making ourselves and our world a bit better.

Join us for Connection and Community!

After church we meet informally to continue conversation, talk about things that are important, and continue trying to create a sense of belonging so that everyone can feel part of something.

Join us to Help Others!

There are many lonely people in our city who need more connection than social media. They need the interaction and touch of another caring human being. At Knox, we have ‘Healing Touch’ where trained caregivers can offer the gift of touch to help one feel more grounded. Knox tries to be a ‘listening’ church; we are interested in what you have to say.

Join us to Make Music!

Knox provides the opportunity to be part of musical ensembles where you can work with others to make something special for the church service. The choirs also visit senior’s residences to give back to the community and spread the idea that we can (and should) help each other.  Choirs are a great way to contribute to the life of a church.

Join us for Sanctuary Coffee!

Not sure about this church stuff? Then drop by for a cup of coffee before (and during) the service and sit on a Sanctuary Coffee sofa to see if any of what we do has a place in your day. We are all the same – people looking for solace, inspiration, joy, and friendship in our daily lives. You will be welcomed, and made to feel a part of this stable, yet ever changing and evolving community that we all love, and have a hand in creating each week at Knox. The coffee is very good, too! 

Join us for PAX! 

(A new service for all, but mostly ages 25-54) 

Not sure about this ‘big’ church? Then join us in the chapel at 12:00 pm for a more personal and less formal service. Singer-songwriters gift the service with their music.

Join us for NOON COMMUNION on Wednesdays!

At 12:00 pm each Wednesday, folks from the downtown core and beyond, gather for a service of listening, discussion, prayer, and communion. Delicious homemade treats greet people as they gather and chat before the service begins in the Chapel (located at the front left side of the Sanctuary).